Participating on Diaspora social media, engaging with people who have different views was profound. There has been times of throwing porcupine thorns, I must admit, but the ultimate goal was to “ Stand together as South Africans “ irrespective of race, colour or creed. No opinion superseded the mission of Diaspora which serves the purpose of South Africans who have their country’s best at heart .


How to sustain this marvellous treasure

Diaspora meeting/ gatherings: Involvement and creating time to attend these meeting is impor¬tant. Ideas and suggestion brought on the table and implementing plan of action. In order to be updated ,register with Diaspora if not yet , do so on www.sadiaspora.org.uk
Self-development: Coming up with suggestions ourselves. Community involvement in our respective areas or boroughs.

Encouraging our children to participate in community related issues. Come together and share suggested concepts about South Africa for all . Be able to identify fellow South African in their respective communities. This is so they know their heritage.

As parents we owe it to ourselves to instil in our children love of intellectual enquiry and professional excellence that would be placed in the service of a free democratic South Africa within and outside South African borders. Academic armour is one thing opening most 6 | www.sadiaspora.org.uk closed doors and equips one to compete globally.

In view of the current values and philosophy of Diaspora , everyone is welcome to come with ideas on how to unite South Africans in UK, disregarding political affiliations. As Diaspora has been tirelessly working , we need to support the vision. It has not been offered on a platter for Diaspora to develop to this milestone, hence having another organisation for the same purpose may derail the vision and result in division than unity.

May I convey my sincere heartfelt gratitude to the founder and Diaspora executive who are labouring behind closed doors to make this a success. Leadership is non negotiable to any organisation which its paramount objective is success. To this date, this leadership deserve a gold medal.

This is not a one man organisation , people should be ready to go extra mile , to carry the cross . Unity , respect, integrity and following the right channels of communication will make this a success .
It is not a forlorn hope for SA , to be a country for all its inhabitants Wild accusations and negative criticism should not deter the focus on the vision. .......... I pause.

Mmapula Matabane
London ( North Marylebone) UK